The Sexual Road Less Travelled

When I first joined London escorts, I realised that my life experience had been somewhat unique when I spoke to the other girls. Most of them had tried to make a living as models, and had only joined London escorts after they realised that they would not be able to make enough money modeling. My story was totally different from theirs. Instead of coming from a modeling background, I had spent a couple of years working in the adult entertainment industry in

London. As a matter of fact, I thought it was a much better career path for London escorts.

My first job was in a strip club in London. I started out by serving drinks and just having some fun with the gents who came into the club. A few girls who worked for London escorts used to come in with their gents, and that is how I first became involved with London escorts. Before then, I did not really know that much about escorting. At the time, I was a bit of a wild child and focusing on a career with London escorts would have been too much for me.

After the strip club, I had ended up in a hostess bar in London. That was actually really good for me, and gave me a lot of valuable experience for eventually joining charlotte escorts. One of the guys that I used to look after in the club, was a really interesting guy and invited me to his house. He was really into sex parties, and I guess that you could say that he ran his own swinging community in London. Some of the girls who he used to bring into the club were London escorts, but I never saw them at any of his wild parties. However, I must admit that I was really getting into his parties and I enjoyed them.

Anyway, I started to date this guy, and after a couple of weeks together, he introduced me to BDSM. I had always found it difficult to get turned on during sex, but for some reason, BDSM really did it for me. Also, he was really good at it, and introduced me to the art of BDSM very slowly. It was kind of weird, but I had not really expected to enjoy BDSM, but I soon become hooked on it. BDSM can quickly become a lifestyle choice, and I think that is what happened to me.

My sexy boyfriend decided to move to the US, and I was not interested in following across the pond at all. I still had my job in the club, but I felt that I could do better for myself. One evening it dawned on me that working for London escorts as a dominatrix may be a good option. I started to look around for charlotte escorts agencies which may require a dominatrix, and in the end I found one. To be honest, I cannot believe how successful I have been at the agency. I started working two nights per week, but now I work full-time on the behalf of London escorts. A few months ago, I opened up my own dungeon and use it exclusively for my London escorts. You can certainly say that my journey has been down the road less travelled.

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