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‘Tranquil’ is a turbulent and touching portrait of adolescent sexuality –
'Tranquil' is a turbulent and touching portrait of adolescent sexuality
Ellen (Brittany Anikka Liu) is recently paralyzed from the waist down, and the opening scene finds her experimenting — frustratedly — with an electric neck massager (and this is not the last time the play will stage physical self-exploration). This

You should try writing an erotic novel


You need to work on the plot a little bit as well. For instance, if your novel is about Croydon escorts from, you might want to make it about a guy on his date with one of his first Croydon escorts. After that you can extend the plot so he becomes a serial dater and just can’t get enough of dating hot and sexy escorts. You can even place him on holiday in some hedonistic heaven around the world. Don’t forget that it is really important to have some sub plots and other exciting characters around.


I am just working on my first novel. It will be about Croydon escorts and some of the exciting characters that we Croydon escorts meet on a weekly basis. They will all be made up of course but they will have some of the traits of gents that I have dated. I am trying to create a real live feel so all of the characters are vividly described and almost come alive in front of the reader’s eyes. The thing is when you have worked for Croydon escorts services, you don’t need to look very far for exciting plots and characters.


I don’t know when my novel is going to be ready. It is kind of slow going and I am trying to make the action really exciting. All my favorite characters are in the novel but they have been given new names and undergone some slight personality changes. I am pretty sure that some will recognize themselves but the novel is a complete work of fiction. It might sound exciting and dangerous to some people who still work within the Croydon escorts service, but they have nothing to worry about, they will all be portrayed as nice people.


A couple of my Croydon escorts friends wanted to write an erotic novel. I told them that writing any kind of novel is much more complicated than it seems and you can easily waste your time. If you do want to write any kind of novel you need to be much focused. I told my Croydon escorts friends that there are many important points that they must consider and the best place to start is reading other people’s erotic novels. Fifty Shades of Grey is one erotic novel you can read but perhaps you should try to focus on some other more classical literature as well.


One of the first things you need to decide on is the word count. Check out some other erotic novels and find out how many words they contain. Most novels contain at least 12,000 words and that can take some doing. What is the next step? Like I told my Croydon escorts friends, it is very important to have a plot and they need to focus on characters. I am sure most Croydon escorts will find this part fairly easy as they have met a lot of characters in their job. Write a shorty history of each character so that you get a feel for them.


“Spring Awakening” Offers Nuance with Sexual Exploration – The Wesleyan Argus

The Wesleyan Argus
“Spring Awakening” Offers Nuance with Sexual Exploration
The Wesleyan Argus
Have you ever wanted to see a rock musical that denounces abstinence-only education? Is “German dungeon porn” your favorite card in Cards Against Humanity? Are you curious about what high schools in late 19th-century Germany were like?

ICYMI: ‘Chewing Gum’ & Its Amusing Exploration Of Sexuality – Konbini

ICYMI: 'Chewing Gum' & Its Amusing Exploration Of Sexuality
Coming out of nowhere in late 2015, Chewing Gum's first season surprised us with its absurd humour and overexcited main character. Creator of the series and lead actress Michaela Coel continues to push the boundaries of political correctness with a …

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Sexy Liberation Is Offering FREE Sex Toys To Promote Female … – YourTango

Sexy Liberation Is Offering FREE Sex Toys To Promote Female …
You can now bring yourself to orgasm thanks to Sexy Liberation, a retail website that's offering select sex toys on their site … for free! The only catch is you have …

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